Our services for corporate & SMEs

We help businesses do better through our rage of technologies and software solutions.

UI/UX Design & Implementation

We combine the latest UI/UX trends with our customers’ individual goals and needs to deliver intuitive, elegant and impactful designs for Software Interfaces, websites and web/mobile apps.

Software Systems Development & Support

We architect, design and develop Custom Software Systems, Content Management Systems (CMSs), Portals etc. We also offer maintenance, updates and on-going support.

API Development, Data Modeling & Database Design

We develop custom APIs that can readily be consumed or integrated with other Software Systems. We also ensure to implement secure and scalable Database Systems that powers our APIs.

Software Systems Integration

We offer API and Software Systems Integration Services. This also includes Web Apps-APIs integration with either Third-Partys' APIs or our own custom-made APIs.

Web Apps, Mobile Apps & Websites Development

We are keen on developing Web Applications, Mobile Apps and Websites that address specific needs and enhance exceptional user experience.

Advanced SEO & Site Performance Optimization

With our deep experience and understanding in Search Engines Algorithms, we provide a comprehensive SEO and Websites/Apps Optimization solutions to help skyrocket your business.

Improve Your customers' experience

Online Payments Integration

We make it possible for you to conveniently receive payments by your customers directly from your website or application. We achieve this by integrating the payment options that your customers use such as Mpesa, Visa-Card, Master-Card, PayPal etc with your website or application.

Transactional Messages Integration

Instant SMS notifications are critical for user experience and security like in the case of One Time Password (OTP). We are eager to help you improve your customers' experience by integrating real-time transactional SMSs with your web application, software system or online store.